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The BRC (British Retail Consorcium) has developed two main standards applicable to the food industry: an international food standard for manufacturers and a methodological guide on packaging materials. The BRC sets requirements for food businesses that supply products to retail chains and other businesses.

The standard is designed to help food distribution companies meet the requirements of the European Union and consumer protection, providing common principles for the assessment of production companies. These standards are designed to help retailers comply with legal requirements, to protect consumers and to provide a common basis on which inspection bodies inspect products delivered.

In the global food market, the BRC standard is considered one of the benchmarks for good food production practice rules. It is one of the highest voluntary food safety and quality management standards in the world.

Standard requirements

  • HACCP compliance;

  • documented quality management system;

  • good manufacturing practice (company environmental standards, product, process and personnel management).

Many European suppliers use ISO 9001 and HACCP to demonstrate quality and food safety. It is also possible to use BRC by integrating its management systems and using elements of the various standards already in place.

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