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ISO 27000

ISO 27000 is an international standard that sets requirements for an information security management system.

Information security has become one of the most pressing issues of the current era. Taking care of information security means taking care of the company's existence, operation, as well as the security of own and customer data.


  • Understanding the risks to information security.

  • Information security is essential in the development of services, the production process,  now how in protection, in competition.

  • Concern for information security significantly improves the company's image.

  • Corporate governance is improving and stakeholders, such as shareholders, customers, consumers and suppliers, feel secure.

  • Potential external effects / effects prevented.

  • An information security management system is essential for any company, regardless of its industry or size.

  • The information security management system is not limited to IT companies.

  • Significantly increases employee co-responsibility.

  • Changes the personal behavior habits of each individual.

  • Ensures the security of customer information / data.

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