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ISO 37001

LVS ISO 37001: 2018 Anti-bribery management systems. Anti - bribery management systems.

The ISO 37001 standard sets out a set of measures to help organizations limit the risk of bribery.

The ISO 37001 standard responds to the growing global demand for countries and companies to take action against the devastating effects of bribery, which undermine the stability of civil society, the rule of law, government institutions and businesses.

The purpose of the standard is to implement internationally recognized anti-bribery measures in order to bring about positive and productive cultural change in the organization and to increase trust from both its employees and external stakeholders.

The implementation of the ISO 37001 standard envisages:

  • development and implementation of anti-bribery policy;

  • the establishment of a mechanism for monitoring compliance with the rules on bribery;

  • training of all employees;

  • risk assessment and performance of appropriate inspections (projects, procurement);

  • introduction of financial and non-financial controls;

  • development of reporting and investigation procedures, etc.

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